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what are you doing during QUARANTINE covid-19?

This is a very hard time for our nation. Death seems to be all around, and fear has captured us to a place where we have never been. Its almost a sense depression and anxiety of not knowing what the next day will hold. A lot of us are having a hard time adjusting, to the social distancing and the shelter in place orders. Since we are so free to do whatever want. One thing I can say, many people are trying to take the negative and turn it into a positive.

During this time of quarantine many people have found new hobbies and much family time. While others are still trying to adapt to homeschooling. This is a time to reset and a time for creative goals to be on the rise. Al though we cant stop the inevitable, we can make the best of this time. I hope that you are surrounding yourself with things that make you happy as well as staying in contact with your love ones. Don’t let this time go to waste, because once things pick back up, who knows when this down time can come again. Stay lifted! Peace and blessings to you all!


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