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What is yoni steaming

Yoni Steaming has been around for centuries. From the dictionary the word YONI means the vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone. In Wikipedia YONI is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to literally mean the womb, and the female organs of generation. Most cultures use yoni steaming also known as vaginal steaming for healing, and medicinal properties. The most common ways yoni steaming is being used is to regulate mensuration cycles, cramps, post-partum care, and detox. The woman sits over hot steam (not to burn) and allow the steam to penetrate the herbal infusion into her vagina. This is designed to treat many elements that women deal with such as, fibroids, increase fertility, uterine prolapse, mensural cramps, regulate irregular cycles and more. It also helps reduce menopausal symptoms such dryness, low libido, mood swings just to name a few. We provide this service her at Restore HER Wellness Spa and it can be done in the privacy of your own home. Happy Steaming!!!

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